our story.

Image of Sam cradling baby cleo wrapped in a white blanket

The Cle Collective is named after my beautiful daughter Cleo, who has quickly become my world . . .


After falling pregnant, I immediately started to put her first. I became more aware of what I was putting into my body and the products I was using on myself around the home.

Fast forward 9 months and ohhh the feels! This tiny little koala was all mine, and my heart was so heavy with love I didn't know what to do. [Now disclaimer] she was a pretty content baby most of the time, but I knew she was uncomfortable after each feed by the way she would cry for no reason. It was heart breaking and I started getting anxiety before each feed. 

Now, research is my passion, when there is a problem I need to know the best solution and I won't stop until I find it. So I jumped straight online and discovered the natural benefits of essential oils. When I started developing essential oil blends it amazed me how quickly things changed for the better. Cleo was no longer screaming after feeds, and application of the Tummy. blend to her feet before sleep became apart of our routine. 

Let's be real, pure therapeutic grade oils are not cheap and there is a reason for it. The purity is so intense when we apply it to our bodies we want to be 100% sure it is safe and pure, not to mention the amount of plant required just to make one small bottle; hence the hefty price tag. The reason I decided to start creating blends is so more people can benefit from the results without having to invest in multiple oils.

Each blend is lovingly created in a small batch using only pure therapeutic grade essential oils. We are so pleased you stopped by our store and if our products can improve yours or your little one's day to day life then we have accomplished our goal.